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Meet Our Partners

Sean Grovier
Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union
Sean Grovier, an External Home Loan Advisor, brings nearly 20 years of experience in residential loans. He specializes in guiding clients through home-buying or refinancing, offering solutions from $300,000 to $2,000,000. His services include conventional and bespoke portfolio programs, with special attention to medical and legal professionals. Sean's focus is on understanding clients' needs and fostering lasting relationships.
Geraldine Serrano
Tax Consultation Specialist at Veritax Advisors
Geraldine Serrano, a Tax Consultation Specialist at Veritax Advisors, excels in assisting real estate investors with cost segregation, leveraging her tax law expertise for substantial tax savings and improved cash flow. A prolific writer, she educates professionals like CPAs, brokers, and investors, simplifying real estate tax complexities. Her dedication is pivotal in the industry.
Melissa Palafox-Ofiana
Branch Manager and Escrow Officer of Chicago Title – Cupertino
Melissa Palafox-Ofiana, Branch Manager and Escrow Officer at Chicago Title, Cupertino, is renowned for her exceptional service and expertise in the escrow process. With over 20 years at the company, she's instrumental in making her branch a top performer in the county. Known for her remarkable photographic memory and unwavering commitment, Melissa's prior experience in a Real Estate Office has significantly contributed to her success in the title and escrow industry.
Kathy Gamch
AVP-Sales and Marketing of Chicago Title – Cupertino
Kathy Gamch, AVP-Sales, and Marketing at Chicago Title Cupertino, celebrates 32 years with the company, embodying commitment and a strong work ethic. She excels by staying updated on industry trends, understanding client needs, and thriving in various market conditions. Outside work, Kathy values time with her family, including her spouse, children, and grandchildren. She enjoys hiking, volunteering, and supporting cherished causes.
Steven Mandac
Chief Executive Officer at Clutch Moving Company
Steven Mandac, CEO of Clutch Moving Company in Daly City, California, has led the company for over six years, emphasizing top-quality, seamless moving services. His strong business administration and management background drives his commitment to excellence in the moving and logistics sector. Steven's innovative leadership and extensive experience make him a valuable asset to Clutch Moving Company and the broader business community.
Jaya Kopalle
Principle Designer at Lotus Interior
Jaya Kopalle, Principal Designer at Lotus Interiors since 2009, brings nearly 15 years of expertise to Cupertino, USA. Her designs combine aesthetics with practicality, showcasing her talent for finding beauty and purpose in every project. Known for her hands-on approach and pursuit of perfection, Jaya creates visually stunning and highly functional spaces, reflecting her mastery and dedication in the design field.
Gagan Sandhu
Co-Founder and CEO of Xillion
Gagan Sandhu, an engineer who pivoted to finance, founded Xillion, a platform revolutionizing financial decision-making. Initially developed to assist himself, his family and friends in navigating complex financial choices like housing, insurance, and investments, Xillion now extends these tools globally. Gagan champions simplicity and precision, aiming to make financial wisdom universally accessible. His belief in attainable financial freedom for all fuels Xillion's mission to transform how we approach financial independence.
Randy Zechman
CEO of Clean Solar
Randy Zechman, CEO of Clean Solar, has propelled the company to the forefront of the Bay Area's solar industry. Under his leadership, Clean Solar is renowned for its 5-star solar energy services. It is a certified B Corporation, emphasizing quality and sustainability. Randy's focus on delivering clean, renewable solar solutions showcases his commitment to benefiting people and the planet.
Sarah Clish
Private Wealth Advisor and Vice President at Ameriprise Financial Services
Sarah Clish, Vice President and Private Wealth Advisor at Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC in San Jose, brings extensive experience in financial planning and wealth management. A University of California, Berkeley alumna in Business Administration and Management, she provides personalized financial advice to clients. Her diverse marketing, sales, and human resources background enriches her professional expertise, enabling her to effectively guide clients toward achieving their financial objectives.
Ron Ricard
Vice President & Regional Account Manager at IPX 1031
Ron Ricard, Vice President of IPX 1031, is a distinguished real estate investment expert specializing in 1031 exchanges. Certified as an Exchange Specialist, he has educated over 50,000 investors and agents since 2002. His expertise in strategic tax deferral, particularly in high-value markets like Silicon Valley, is invaluable. At IPX 1031, Ron guides clients through complex real estate investments and tax-saving strategies, enhancing wealth-building and tax efficiency.
Lori Fredericks
Senior Escrow Officer/Branch Manager of Fidelity National Title
Lori Fredericks, Senior Escrow Officer and Branch Manager at Fidelity National Title boasts 34 years in the industry. Starting at Founders Title in Burlingame, she joined Fidelity National Title in 1989 and moved to Cupertino in 1991. Lori is passionate about aiding significant transactions in people's lives. A mother of two, she recently bought a home in Kelseyville, CA, for a relaxed lifestyle, enjoying swimming, cooking, gardening, and unwinding with a glass of wine.
Annie Tyler
Sales Executive of Fidelity National Title
Annie Tyler, a Sales Executive at Fidelity National Title, is driven by professionals' success and focuses on building long-term partnerships in real estate and related sectors. Her background in the legal field fuels her passion for marketing and business development,
Matthew Angell
Angell Law Firm
Matthew S. Angell, owner of The Angell Law Firm, P.C., specializes in Real Estate, Business, Civil, and Probate Litigation. A McGeorge School of Law graduate, he's committed to making legal processes clear and reassuring for clients, advocating strongly at all levels. Licensed with the California State Bar and admitted to U.S. District Courts, he's also dedicated to community service, including Diablo View Rotary, leading a non-profit organization, and enjoying family time.
Scott Varney
Capital Gains Tax Strategist at SV Consultants
Scott Varney, a seasoned real estate and financial services professional, started in Texas real estate in 1996 and excelled as a top producer. Shifting focus in 2014, he delved into insurance and financial services, specializing in life insurance and annuities. Since 2017, Scott has been captivated by capital gains tax strategies. He is now dedicated to providing clients with practical solutions for their tax concern
Larry Stone
Assessor at Santa Clara County
Larry Stone, the County Assessor of Santa Clara for nearly 30 years, is a crucial figure in Silicon Valley's real estate and economic landscape. Beginning his public service career in 1995, he's known for his financial management and real estate development expertise, contributing to the area's growth. A University of Washington alumnus, Stone is also active in local organizations like the San Jose Rotary and Sports Authority, highlighting his commitment to community service.
Ami Shah
Founder of Ami Shah CPA
Ami Shah, a certified public accountant with over 20 years of experience, is the founder of Ami Shah CPA. She is known for her innovative tax strategies that have saved her clients millions of dollars. Ami's passion for staying current in the field allows her to provide exceptional financial guidance to her clients.
Maggie LaBranch
Former Associate Attorney at Litherland, Kennedy & Associates
Maggie A. LaBranch-Gonzales is a distinguished Associate Attorney and certified Legal Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. A graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Golden Gate University, where she earned both a Juris Doctorate and a Masters in Business Administration.
Peter Eberhardt
Former BMX Champion, Real Estate Investor
Peter Eberhardt, a semi-pro BMX racer turned real estate multifamily entrepreneur, exemplifies the athlete mindset in the challenging world of real estate investing. Starting as an Uber driver, Peter's journey through BMX racing and relentless drive has led him to significant achievements in the multifamily real estate space. His story is a testament to the power of perseverance, adaptability, and strategic thinking.
Mark Silver
Head of School at Hillbrook School
Mark Silver, Head of School at Hillbrook School in Silicon Valley, is a transformative leader in education. Since 2009, he's spearheaded Hillbrook's growth, aligning with its innovative roots. Key initiatives include the Center for Teaching Excellence, the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship, and becoming an Apple Distinguished School. Mark's extensive background includes roles in several prestigious independent schools and academic achievements from Amherst College, Stanford University, and the University of San Diego. He's also a passionate educator and executive coach and enjoys beekeeping and sports outside work.
Travis Palser
Vice President of Operations at HomeGuard
Travis Palser, the Vice President of Operations at HomeGuard Incorporated, began his journey in 2014 as a second-generation home inspector. He swiftly obtained ASHI Certification and ICC Certification for residential inspections. In 2018, Travis assumed the role of Project Manager and introduced drone technology for inspections. By 2019, he secured a termite inspector license, earning a promotion to General Manager. As the Vice President of Operations, Travis leads with expertise and an unwavering commitment to excellence.