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Meet Our Team

Sharad Gupta
Broker Owner
Sharad Gupta, a prominent real estate broker and entrepreneur, reigns supreme in the Bay Area's market. Renowned for his meticulous approach and as the creator of TradeMyHome.com, he's a driving force. A founding member of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, he excels in rapid sales. Backed by extensive experience, Gupta's strong reputation revolves around securing favorable deals. His empathetic real estate approach has nurtured a robust local network, comprising reliable buyers, sellers, investors, and industry professionals.
Karen June Sepe
Executive Assistant to Broker Owner
As a dynamic Executive Assistant skilled in real estate, I specialize in transforming chaos into order and dramatically increasing productivity. My expertise is invaluable for broker owners seeking to reach their goals. From expert scheduling to managing smooth transactions, I play a crucial role in driving success. My commitment to excellence makes me an essential partner in the real estate sector. Let's work together to redefine success and achieve outstanding results in this dynamic industry.
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Craig Proctor
Business Development
Endorsed by industry leaders from all over North America, Craig is described by business guru Michael Gerber as “a visionary who reinvented the job called real estate and someone who teaches agents about freedom rather than about work.” While Craig Proctor’s success in real estate deservedly earned him worldwide attention, what’s even more impressive than the number of homes he sold in his 20+ year career is the fact that over 30,000 agents worldwide are now using his systems to attain success in their own careers.
Todd Walters
Business Development
Todd Walters is the author of Death of the Traditional Real Estate Agent and Rise of the Super Profitable Real Estate Sales Team. He has also been featured in Best Agents Business Book, The Billion Dollar Agent: Lessons Learned as well as Dan Gooder Richards Book, The Real Estate RainMakers Guide to Online Marketing. Todd, as an active agent, was named among the Top 20 Agents in the U.S. by the National Association of Realtors, and Top 10 of RE/MAX Worldwide.
Kioshi Nandrajog
Real Estate Partner
Experienced Real Estate Partner with a passion for unlocking opportunities in the ever-evolving market. Armed with a proven track record of successful deals and an innate understanding of property dynamics, I'm your trusted guide to achieving your real estate dreams. Whether you're buying, selling, or investing, my expertise ensures a seamless journey toward your goals. Let's navigate the real estate landscape together and turn your vision into reality.
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Shamika Padre
Real Estate Partner
Visionary Real Estate Partner with an unwavering commitment to turning property aspirations into tangible achievements. With an extensive background in real estate, I bring strategic insight and a relentless drive to every transaction. My dedication to client satisfaction, market expertise, and negotiation skills are the pillars of my success. Let's embark on a transformative journey in the world of real estate, where your goals become my mission.
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Andrew Channell
Mortgage Partner
Mechanical Engineering graduate from Georgia Southern University and MBA holder from Auburn University. Passionate Haiti Missions Volunteer and certified Advanced Open Water Diver. Experienced as a Nuclear Engineer at Southern Nuclear, Director of Talent at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, and Senior Loan Officer at Your Home Loan Group Empowered by NEXA Mortgage. A versatile professional with a strong technical background, dedicated to community service.
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Faith Retes
Customer Success
A dedicated Customer Success Manager, I'm committed to ensuring your satisfaction and helping you achieve your goals. With a wealth of experience, I excel in building strong client relationships and understanding your unique needs. I'm here to provide guidance, support, and solutions to ensure your success. Let's work together to maximize your experience and drive positive outcomes in your journey with our products or services
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Nicole Dar
Podcast Producer and Social Media Manager
Experienced Podcast Producer and Social Media Manager, adept at crafting engaging audio & video content and amplifying its reach. With a keen eye for storytelling and a knack for strategic digital marketing, I create compelling podcasts and ensure they shine across social platforms. My passion for storytelling and social media expertise come together to elevate your home marketing and connect with home buyers effectively
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Takuya Gemma
Podcast and Social Media Manager
Passionate Podcast and Social Media Manager with a talent for crafting captivating audio & video content and strategically expanding online presence. Whether it's curating compelling episodes or devising impactful social campaigns, I thrive on connecting audiences with your message. My dedication to storytelling and digital strategy ensures that your home story voice resonates across platforms, driving engagement and growth.
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Lenz Leron
Digital marketing assistant
Seasoned digital marketer with a proven track record of driving online success. Combining data-driven strategies, creative flair, and a deep understanding of the digital landscape, I excel at boosting brand visibility and engagement. My expertise spans SEO, social media, PPC, and more, delivering measurable results. Let's collaborate to elevate your digital presence and achieve your marketing goals in today's dynamic online world.
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Our Team at TradeMyHome.com

At TradeMyHome.com, our team is the cornerstone of our success in the real estate business. Comprising seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds in real estate, finance, and customer service, we are united by a shared commitment to excellence and a passion for helping people find their dream homes. real estate TradeMyHome.com Team

Experience and Expertise

Our team members as real estate business bring a wealth of experience to the table. TradeMyHome.com Team With years of hands-on experience in the real estate market, they have a deep understanding of the nuances of buying, selling, and trading homes. This expertise allows us to provide our clients with insightful advice, whether they're first-time buyers or seasoned investors.

Customer-Centric Approach

What sets the TradeMyHome.com team apart is our customer-centric approach. We believe that real estate is not just about properties, but about the people and their dreams. Our team takes the time to understand each client's unique real estate needs and preferences, ensuring a personalized experience. We're known for our empathy, patience, and ability to connect with clients on a personal level at real estate.

Innovative Solutions

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our team stays abreast of the latest trends and technologies in real estate to offer our clients innovative solutions. Whether it's virtual home tours, advanced property analytics, or streamlined trading processes, we're always looking for ways to enhance our services.

Trust and Integrity

Trust and integrity are the pillars of our real estate business. The TradeMyHome.com team operates with the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency and honesty in all our dealings. Our clients trust us not just for our expertise, but for our commitment to doing what's right.


The TradeMyHome.com team is more than just a group of real estate professionals. We are a family committed to helping others achieve their real estate goals. Our blend of experience, customer focus, innovation, and integrity makes us a trusted partner in your real estate journey. 


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